Southeast Jeet Kune Do is the CSRA’s Leader in Self Defense and Martial Arts Training. Here is where Sport Meets Reality Meets Tradition.

At Southeast Jeet Kune Do, you will experience World Class martial arts training and challenge yourself by learning Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, alongside Filipino Martial Arts (Kali & Eskrima) and Close Quarter Defense Tactics.  When you become a member, you join a family of committed, hard-working individuals dedicated to pursuing self-expression, self-knowledge, and self-protection through realistic martial arts training. You can trust us to help you to learn to defend yourself and your family, as we have taught self defense tactics to elite law enforcement and military groups.

Our classes cover all ranges of martial arts including kicking, punching, trapping, stand-up grappling, ground fighting, and weapons such as sticks and knives. These skills can build confidence, strengthen your body, and even save your life! Many of these skills are transferable to competition fighting, whether for Kickboxing, MMA, or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! We do not just teach you the physical tactics of self defense…. We also teach you how to overcome your own fears and anxiety, thus helping you to perform better in all aspects of life.

Southeast JKD Martial Arts & Jeet Kune Do in Augusta GA

Our Students Develop Physical Health, Emotional Strength & Overall Well Being

You and your family will learn much more than physical skills. Through our martial arts practice, we empower our students with the mental and emotional tools necessary to succeed with life’s challenges, giving YOU the ability to perform better in your personal and professional life. We also offer mentorship and goal setting for kids and teens to help them to increase their focus, confidence, and academic success!

The mission of the Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association is to “preserve and perpetuate the Jeet Kune Do way of life.” As the Southeast chapter of the Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association, we are also dedicated to this mission. By providing world-class instruction, we offer our students the ability to train their body, and their mind, in order to enrich and enhance their lives in all aspects.