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If you are looking to get in amazing shape, learn serious martial arts, and become a more confident and focused person overall, then look no further.

Southeast Jeet Kune Do offers a complete, integrated approach to training martial arts. We combine various martial arts, self defense tactics, and fitness routines in a variety of classes!

With our JKD Kickboxing classes, you will get a great workout, discover an awesome way to calm the mind, and develop strength, endurance, and fluidity.

All you have to do is try a free class to start seeing the benefits! Stop doing the same mindless exercises at the gym and start working out with a purpose.

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You can develop serious self defense skills, get in great shape, and become a more focused, confident individual!


Southeast Jeet Kune Do offers the Best in Martial Arts!

For our martial arts classes, we utilize Jeet Kune Do (JKD) as a foundation for everything we teach.  JKD is best thought of as a set fighting principles and philosophy that favors adaptability in combat. The basis of JKD is Jun Fan Kickboxing, Wing Chun, and a few others. Because of it’s effectiveness in a variety of combat sports and self defense situations, Jeet Kune Do has been called “the ultimate martial art” by Black Belt magazine.

Martial arts training is method of self discovery, personal growth, and a fun way to stay in shape, so finding a place that meets all of your needs is essential. With a variety of classes to choose, you will learn everything from combat sports to self defense. All of our martial arts classes are for beginners and martial arts veterans alike!

At Southeast JKD, you can be assured that you will receive personal, step-by-step instruction from our patient and enthusiastic coaches, who are certified, friendly, and encouraging. We provide you with a world-class formula for fitness, self discovery, and self improvement. This type of training will also increase your strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, movement, and overall health. Our approach is simple, direct, and economical.

Our instruction includes techniques from JKD Kickboxing, Filipino Martial Arts (Kali, Escrima, Arnis), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Functional Fitness & Action Strength, Muay Thai, Savate, and more.


Develop Physical Health, Emotional Strength & Overall Well Being

We empower YOU with the mental and emotional tools necessary to succeed with life’s challenges, giving you the ability to perform better in your personal and professional life.

Our classes will train your body and mind to enrich and enhance all aspects of your life.



What Makes Southeast JKD Different Than Other Martial Art Schools?

Certified Instructors

Our instructors are all professionally certified and qualified to teach (We do not employ 10 year old “Black Belts” or inexperienced consultants to run our classes).

Student Focused 

We focus class time on specific, student-centered instruction, rather than simply rehearsing the same moves over and over.

Personalized Attention

We offer low student-instructor ratios in each class, allowing students to obtain the personalized attention they need to grow.

Family Friendly Environment

We offer private training for our students, with room for friends or family to sit comfortably while waiting.

We teach our members the same Jeet Kune Do training and martial arts programs that have been passed down to us from the Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association. We are the Only Authentic Jeet Kune Do training facility offering Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do in the CSRA. No other instructor or school in the entire CSRA (Aiken-Augusta area) is authorized by us or any other higher organization to teach, instruct, or pass on Jeet Kune Do, Jun Fan Gung Fu, or JKD Concepts. Period.

We are sincerely dedicated to the success of our members and students. We offer low student-instructor ratios, as well as personal coaching and feedback. All of this is done in a family-friendly environment. We operate from a simple belief that our members are our focus, and we provide honest, sincere direction and personalized coaching. It is our mission to empower YOU with the character, confidence, and skills you need to develop a strong body, a sound mind, and a compassionate soul.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Give us a call at (706)364-8127 and schedule a time to come by to experience a class. Only then can you decide what is right for you.

Jun Fan Kickboxing is part of the foundation of Jeet Kune Do

See What Others Have Said

“This is the type of training that you want to have to protect yourself and your loved ones if you encounter a dangerous threat on the streets. …… It IS NOT katas and how to score points in a karate tournament. It IS situational survival. In other words, you will learn what to do if someone is choking you, attacking you with a knife, multiple attackers, etc. etc. Everything is based on very solid kinesiology and works with your natural reactions. I encourage anyone who is looking for the right self defense or martial arts school to visit…” –J Brown, Federal Officer

“… in the short amount of time we were there not only did I learn a lot of valuable techniques the experience alone has provided me with a new, less panicked, outlook on the ‘what if?’ …..there were a few times that I was a little uneasy but the patience you had and your willingness to help us created the feeling of a safe environment that eased a lot of my anxiety. I’m so thankful you were able to come and share your expertise with us and I hope we have the opportunity to see you again!!” -Anji, First Responder Self Defense Course participant

“The friendly atmosphere is what initially caught me. Walking in off of the street, out of shape and knowing nothing about martial arts, I was worried. The one-on-one first lesson served to put me at ease. The knowledge of the instructors and their real concern to teach people how to protect themselves and to incorporate Sijo Bruce Lee’s teachings into our lives is inspiring.” –P Graham, Student

Discover Your Inner Warrior

Anyone can begin martial arts, no matter your age or fitness level.

Try a class today, risk free, and enjoy the benefits a quality martial arts program provides.

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-Our Full Class Schedule
-More Information on the Benefits of Martial Arts
-A FREE Orientation Class & Expert Consultation
-Plus How to Get Started for Only $29 (& receive a FREE T-Shirt!)





-Our Full Class Schedule
-More Information on the Benefits of Martial Arts
-A FREE Orientation Class & Expert Consultation
-Plus How to Get Started for Only $29 (& receive a FREE T-Shirt!)

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